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〈遠遠關注著〉Attentiveness from Afar

王亭喧 WANG Ting-Shiuan

優選獎 國籍:臺灣 製作年代:2018 版種:木刻 尺寸:90 x 140.5 cm 創作自述: 植物攀附於整個主體,右半邊充斥著生命的活力,左半邊卻只剩交錯的藤蔓,在兩者之間的連接處,還有些葉子正努力成長著,生命的誕生與消逝,將兩種狀態結合一起,雖然視覺呈現是一種靜止的畫面,但背後卻是一直重複循環下去的。就像我們的一生,人與人之間的相處是一直處於流動狀態, 一個人不可能一直待在同一個地方,或是一生只跟固定的人群交流,只要有些許的碰撞,改變是必然的,我們來去是自由的,或許什麼契機使我們留下,相對的,也有什麼原因迫使我們離開,離去後所剩下了什麼呢?每個人的答案或許不同,但記憶是每個人都會留下的,有的人記憶清晰,有的人卻不願想起,將它埋藏在內心深處,我將這份記憶塑造一個看似 美麗卻又有些許詭異的空間,寧靜但是讓人卻步。 Merit Prize Nationality:Taiwan Year of Production:2018 Technique or Medium:Woodcut Size:90 x 140.5 cm Artist Statement: Plants climb all over the subject; the right half is bursting with life, while only intertwining vines remain on the left. Some leaves still struggle to grow where the two halves meet; two states-birth and death-are amalgamated. Although a static image is presented visually, ceaselessly repetition and circulation persist behind. This is very much like our life, where relationships between people are always in a dynamic state; it is impossible for one to remain in one place or interact with only a fixed group of people throughout one's entire life; changes become inevitable with the slightest collisions. We are free to come and go; perhaps by chance we stay, or contrarily we are forced to leave for some reason--what remains after we have left? Everyone may have different answers, but everyone is left with memories. Some have vivid memories, some refuse to remember and bury them deep inside. I shape these memories into a space that is magnificent yet eerie, tranquil yet deterring.