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〈密集靈魂〉Concentrated Spirit

戴飴霏 TAI Yi-Fei

佳作 國籍:臺灣 製作年代:2019 版種:平版 尺寸:100 x 147 cm 創作自述: 東京新宿車站的轉乘區,我坐在站內咖啡店一隅透過窗邊觀察著來來去去的人們。車站這個人群的途中集散地,人們總是向著某個目的地移動著,每一個人都是過客、在這個靜止的畫面中是一個沒有 曲終的舞臺,登場的人物戲份短暫卻形形色色。我的線條便是追逐著這些一閃而逝的瞬間風景,探討人在時間與空間中的位移。被觀察者在同一空間下重複出現、留下殘影,而肉體在動態中被速度軟化不再結實,只剩下被扭曲的柔軟。版畫的印製在此將這些片段重覆壓印於同一個畫面之中。 Honorable Mention Nationality:Taiwan Year of Production:2019 Technique or Medium:Lithography Size:100 x 147 cm Artist Statement: I was people-watching in the corner of a café in the transit area of Shinjuku station, Tokyo. Stations are hubs of people, each moving towards their destination. All of these people are passengers, a moving stage with no ending in this still image, and all those who come on stage stop briefly, each with their uniqueness. The lines in my work are attempts to capture these fleeting sceneries, exploring the movements in time and space. The subjects of my observation repeatedly appear in the same space, leaving traces behind, their bodies softened by the movement, no longer stiff and rigid. These images are repeatedly produced through prints.