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安納特・孔韋勒 Amnat KONGWAREE

優選獎 國籍:泰國 製作年代:2019 版種:平版 尺寸:95 x 65 cm 創作自述: 有句話說:「弱者會被淘汰,但存活下來的可以稱霸世界」,由此可見「人類」可說是最偉大的生物。人類透過客觀現實與想像現實,利用自然來決定自身的生存方式。人運用象徵符號去建構與自然相關的各種客觀形式與意義,繼而代代相傳。於此同時,人從來沒有一次回饋給自然或這個世界一些什麼⋯⋯。 Merit Prize Nationality:Thailand Year of Production:2019 Technique or Medium:Lithography Size:95 x 65 cm Artist Statement: From the saying “The weak become extinct but if they can, they rule the world,” “man” can be described as the greatest of the living things. Mankind uses nature to determine their way of living through objective reality and imagined reality. Man creates objective forms and meanings through symbols, all of which are related to nature. This has been passed on from one generation to another until now. At the same time, man has not given anything in return to nature and the world even once….