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〈衝進未知〉Charge into the Unknown

小花春夫 Dan OBANA

金牌獎 國籍:日本 製作年代:2019 版種:3D電腦圖畫印於和紙上 尺寸:150 x 125 cm 創作自述 我的畫布存在於個人電腦裡一個3D立體的虛擬空間當中。首先,我會建構許多3D的物件並分散排列,然後就開始實驗運用各種視 角及組合來進行創作。過程中會出現很多的「邂逅與意外發現」。「多奇妙的緣分啊!」一直以來,我的藝術創作核心理念都是追尋由類似這樣的意外情境所啟發出來的創作世界。也可以說,這是我日常生活中充滿啟發性的「奇緣」。 我透過電腦的螢幕與3D數位世界對話。換句話說,我嘗試與機器相互合作、彼此互動並實現創作的巧合。應用拼貼技法的實踐過程誘引出現實與潛意識之間的共時性,啟發著我的藝術創意,激盪出對於未來的無限想像。 Gold Prize Nationality:Japan Year of Production:2019 Technique or Medium:3D CG print on Japanese paper Size:150 x 125 cm Artist Statement: My canvas space exists in a virtual 3-Dimensional space on a personal computer (PC). First, I build many 3D objects, arrange them in a distributed manner, and start making a work by experimenting with various viewpoints and combinations. There will be a lot of “encounter and discovery by chance”. “What a serendipitous opportunity!” The pursuit of a creative world inspired by this accidental scene is always at the core of my concept of art creation. It is, so to speak, an inspirational “serendipity” in my daily life. I dialog with the 3D digital world through the PC display. That is, the machine and I are trying to work together collaborating to interact each other and make creative coincidence. This practical process of using collage techniques provokes the synchronicity of reality and subconsciousness, inspires my artistic creativity and stirs the imagination of the endless future .