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中原大學 商業設計學系

稻浪是收割稻田時所造成的波動,而稻田是投入大量心血所換來的結果。你曾仔細觀察過稻田的樣子嗎?可能是正在插秧,也可能還是綠油油未開花的稻苗,又或者是已經垂掛飽滿稻穗的黃金浪。每片稻田的形狀可都不同,而排排稻苗之間的間距也都有差別,甚至是採收完後,因為收割的方向與方式不同,留下的痕跡也完全不一樣。 這對商設系的我們來說一樣,之前所注入的時間與努力就像在灌溉一片我們自己的稻田,而現在正是稻穗滿盈、隨風飄蕩的時候,我們會隨著各自的選擇與步調走出不同的方向,無論這條路是康莊大道還是崎嶇小路,正因為是自己親手開拓出來的,所以如此的獨一無二也沒關係。 稻浪之後的我們,是自由的、是多元的! Rice waves are the fluctuations generated while the paddy fields harvest. They are the result of hard work, perseverance, and diligence. Have you ever intently observed what the rice fields resemble? It might be planting rice seedlings, raw paddies that have not bloomed, or golden waves with full rice ears hanging. However, each paddy field has a distinctive shape, and the spacing between rows of seedlings is also dissimilar. Even the traces left after the harvest differs from the direction and the method of harvesting. It is the same for us in CYCD. The time and effort contributed in the past are like irrigating a paddy field of our own. However, the rice field is now mature as well as the rice ears are full enough to flutter in the wind. In conclusion, We would go in different directions at our own choice and pace after graduation. It does not matter whether this road is a full-grown avenue or a rugged path because it would be well-constructed by ourselves, so it's okay to be so unique! FIND THE FLOW, MAKE IT ROLL.

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