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孩籽-聽種子的故事 - Seeds-A Story of Eras


國立臺灣博物館 National Taiwan Museum


2021-08-10 ~ 2021-11-28





我們生活在充滿種子的世界裡,您能想像沒有種子的世界嗎? 在人類前行的路上,不論是做為糧食或生態系的重要組成,種子都絕不可能缺席。在《孩籽 – 聽種子的故事》,我們希望帶給大家許多關於種子的故事。 本特展共分四項主題:《充滿孩籽的世界》由策展人遴選七項與種子相關的生活應用例,除強調種子的無所不在,也希望拉近觀眾與展場主題的距離。《孩籽的前世今生》由生活應用轉進自然史領域,展開種子植物的演化史。《孩籽的生命力》由種子本身的構造開始談起,緊接著是種子與果實之間的親密關係,以及種子搭配果實在旅行與休眠上的神奇能力,最後結尾於種子驚人的壽齡。觀眾可在此觀賞到各式各樣的實體種子,以及它們背後的生態故事。結尾處的《孩籽與永續》則談比較嚴肅的話題:種子保種。 We live in a world full of seeds. Can you imagine what our world would be like without them? Just think: What is the source of the energy support our daily activities? Where does coffee come from? What part do seeds play in making Valentine’s Day chocolate or birthday cake? Seeds: A Story of Eras will guide you through tales of your everyday life, of plants evolving through time, and of seeds and fruit coming together to compose ecological symphonies… From self-initiated explosions, stowaways, to sea-faring individuals, the diversity in seed ecology is mind-blowing! But by the end of our journey, we will have come to realize the importance of a topic we have often neglected in the past: the issue of seed conservation.

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國立臺灣博物館 National Taiwan Museum


國立臺灣博物館 National Taiwan Museum

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