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俠盜異聞錄 | Robinhood

陳韋蓁、林硯樵、張贏方 Wei-Chen Chen, Yen-Chiao Lin, Ying-Fang Chang

市面上許多遊戲的設計目的都是以遊戲性為主,因此也造成許多玩家在遊戲中不知道遊戲的目的及意義。因此我們希望製作一款有故事主線,並結合遊戲性的設計。藉由本科系熟悉的3D建模、程式設計等等,來完成這項作品。對於大家而言,羅賓漢作為英國民間傳說中的英雄人物,本身就有許多故事及迷團,豐富的素材加上人物本身的魅力,這也是我們小組選擇以羅賓漢作為遊戲主題的緣由。 In the market, many games are designed mainly for gameplay, which hereby makes many players unable to realize the games’ purposes and meanings. Consequently, we expected to design a game with a story main line and gameplay. This creation was completed with 3D modeling and programming that our department students are familiar with. As a hero in the British popular legend, Robin Hood has many stories and mysteries. His rich materials and charisma are exactly the reasons why our team chose Robin Hood as the theme of the game.