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蔓不生長 | Antivine

張凱閩、許惇盛、鍾孟達、陳哲暄、郭益愷、吳佳惠、鄧依庭 Kai-Min Chang, Tun-Sheng Hsu, Meng-Ta Chung, Che-Hsuan Chen, Yi-Kai Kuo, Chia-Hui Wu, Yi-Ting Teng

自古以來流傳了一種植物病,染上後曬到陽光,身上的植物會急遽生長,把生物變成植物,主角的妹妹就是染上了這種植物病,傳說只要能穿越遺跡抵達大陸的另外一端,就可以找到治癒的方法,於是,哥哥便帶上妹妹踏上了冒險之旅...關卡利用不同的季節來表示玩家已經經過許久的冒險,並且在途中遇到不同的體驗讓玩家置身其中,感受裡面的故事。經過重重的解謎難關,了解故事的始末,並且推動哥哥與妹妹未來的命運。 A kind of plant disease has been spreading since ancient times. With the disease, the plant on the creature will rapidly grow after basking in the sun, turning creatures into plants. The leading role’s younger sister caught the plant disease. It is said that a cure can be found only if one passes through the historical remains to the other side of the land. As a result, the brother took his younger sister to a journey of adventure. The different seasons throughout the levels means that players have experienced many adventures. Players feel the stories by immersing themselves in different things occurring on the way. After experiencing difficult puzzles one by one and understanding the whole story, the brother and his younger sister’s fate in the future will be determined.