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餘溫 | Everlasting Touch

楊皓茨、張沄寧、紀宥亘、邱郁茜 Hao-Tzu Yang, Yun-Ning Chang, Yu-Huan Chi, Yu-Chien Chiu

「大體老師」,是指捐贈自己的遺體,供醫學院學生在解剖課上使用的亡者,是學生的第一位手術患者兼重要的老師。藉由作品中大體老師和學生間的特殊感情,破除大眾對大體解剖課的偏見和不安,傳達遺體捐贈的真正意義。 “Cadaver,” the dead human body donated by oneself, providing medical students for anatomy classes, is students’ first patient undergoing surgery and important teacher. By the special emotions between cadaver and students, people’s prejudice and unease towards anatomy classes are eliminated, and the true meaning of body donation is conveyed.