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綻放之種 | Blüte


綻放之種(2020) 以女性的角度出發,記錄少女在初次經歷戀愛的過程中,愛情悄然進入心房的心境描寫。以植物作為女性符號象征的複合式媒材,種子代表生命的誕生與再生,植物透過種子把生命延續到未來,愛情的旅程也是如此。將愛情最原始的形態視覺化,試圖尋找一種情感關係中的心靈寄託,脫離東方社會傳統思潮的束縛,從種子蛻變為小芽茁壯成長。每個女人都有愛與被愛的權利,請為自己勇於追逐愛情感到驕傲吧! Blüte (2020) explores the perspective of a woman as she experiences the first tinge of love as it colors her teenage heart for the first time. Plants have been chosen the composite medium of choice to symbolize feminity. Seeds represents birth and rebirth. Plants extend life through seeds into the future, and so does the journey of love. Visualize the most primitive form of love, and try to find the spiritual core of a relationship. Break through traditional Eastern notions of love, and let the seeds grow valiantly into a budding plant. Every woman has the right to love and be loved, so please be proud of your courage to chase after love!