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卓宜萱、楊俊輝、簡邱偉、許品宜、陳沛頤 Yi-Hsuan Cho, Chun-Hui Yang, Chiu-Wei Chien, Pin-Yi Hsu, Pei-Yi Chen

本遊戲是一款基於台灣特有種野生動物為主的探究式生物數位遊戲教具,遊戲內容主要圍繞在以雲豹居住的高海拔闊葉林、黑熊居住的中海拔鞍馬山霧林和石虎居住的低海拔稻 田為故事背景,學生可以在行動裝置上透過該生態模擬數位遊戲式教具去模擬台灣山區的生態,從而觀察環境與動物之間的相互影響關係,希望透過遊戲模擬情景的方式達到在科學課程中有效的 融入探究式學習,利用從「學習既有知識」為主的學習方式,轉為強調實作尋求解答「創造知識」的體驗學習。本生物課程數位遊戲教具系統不僅能提升學習能量、學習動機與互動性也能更加多元。 Mainly based on Taiwanese distinctive wild animals, this game is a digital teaching aid for exploring creatures. The story of this game happens in a high-altitude broad-leaved forest where clouded leopards live in, a middle-altitude cloud forest in Anma Mountain where black bears live in, and a low-altitude rice field where leopard cats live in. Via the game-like digital teaching aid for ecological simulation on the mobile device, students can simulate the ecology of the mountain areas in Taiwan, observing the interactive relationship between the environment and animals. By simulating the circumstances in the game, explorative learning is expected to be effectively integrated into scientific courses, transforming the main learning method of “learning the existing knowledge” into the immersive learning of “creating knowledge” that emphasizes on practice and solution finding. This game-like digital teaching aid system for biology courses will increase learning capability, motive as well as diversity.