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化羽 | The Empress

吳盈潔、張敬恩、柯雅琦 Ying-Chieh Wu, Ching-En Chang, Ya-Chi Ko

隨著民主潮流的推波,女權運動近年來蓬勃發展,全球各地女性自主意識提升,許多女性權益看似逐漸改善,但即便是在二十一世紀今日,仍有許多國家及地區的傳統習俗或宗教文化,對女性平權的議題設下重重枷鎖,甚至視為異端禁止討論參與。藉由本次的動畫短片創作「化羽」,希望透過故事中父權至上的封建社會背景,傳達出女性自主意識的覺醒,期盼觀眾能瞭解爭取自由與權益的女性們,我們應給更多的尊重同理與包容。在製作及畫面技術上,小組三人發揮長才,使用PS、AI等繪圖軟體設計出人物以及場景;也使用了Cilp來繪製出逐格動畫,將所有繪製好的場景、角色、動態逐格結合進AE,使用合成及特效來呈現出完整的作品。 Following the trend of democracy, feminist movement flourished in recent years. All over the world, women’s awareness of autonomy has risen, and many women’s rights also seemed to have gradually improved. However, even today of the 21st century, the issues of women's equality are still chained by traditional customs or religious cultures in many regions and countries, and even been regarded as heterodox and banned on discussion and participation. By this short animation “The Empress,” the awakening of women’s awareness of autonomy is conveyed via the feudal society background of the patriarchalism reigning supreme in the story, expecting that the audience can understand the women striving for freedom and rights and that we should provide more respect, empathy and tolerance. On the production and graphic technology, our three team members used specialized drawing software, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, to design roles and scenes. Clip Studio Paint was also used to produce frame-by-frame animations, combining with the drawn scenes, roles and motions into After Effects frame by frame. The completed creation was presented by synthetization and special effects.