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王安懿、王琬琇 An-Yi Wang, Wan-Hsiu Wang

西元2048年,在經歷過第三次世界大戰和人類對地球造成不可逆汙染的未來,風雲變色,失序的世界中使得大部分土地失去生機,徒留受到核汙染基因變異的生物和極少數散落各地的倖存者人類。身為其中一人的主角獨自生活在末日後的世界,從小就對機械有興趣,擅長東拼西湊組裝各種零件的他,在那裡為了實現自己的心願四處奔走搜集零件,完成一件可以讓意識回到過去的機器,接著由過去記憶中的場景交代主角的身世背景,並藉此響應環保議題。動畫為3D與2D混合使用的風格,場景為3D建模而角色則為2D繪製,藉由風格差異區隔兩者,突顯出主角與末日後的世界格格不入。 In 2048, the future experiencing the third world war and the irreversible pollution on the earth made by humans, everything has changed. In this disorderly world, most lands lost their vitality, only leaving the creatures with genetic mutation from nuclear pollution and very few human survivors scattered in different places. The leading role, one of those humans, living alone in the world after the doom, has always been interested in machinery since he was young. He is good at assembling different kinds of parts. In order to make his dream come true, he tries hard to gather parts from different places to create a machine which can bring consciousness back to the past. And then, the leading role’s family background is disclosed from the scenes in the past memories, and thereby responding to environmental protection issues. In the animation, combined with 3D and 2D styles, the scenes are modeled by 3D, and the roles are drawn by 2D. Differentiating two settings by style, it more clearly shows that the leading role is incompatible with the world after the doom.