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妳只在乎妳在乎的 | Mother Figure

張䕒澤 Chia-Tse Chang

本作以導演好友的生命經驗,發現他對於母愛總是充滿渴望,可是當他真正面對母親時,卻又無法拉近彼此的距離,隨著時光飛逝,兩者都錯過挽回的機會,留下無奈。透過回憶了解母親從未給予小孩真正想要的、運用孩童視角劃分現實與過去的時間軸與情緒氛圍,將理性和感性連同環境比例區隔開、把影片溫度與童趣感用手繪筆觸加上紙質疊加出來、盡可能將手繪動畫質感還原到電腦動畫媒材上。 This animation is based on the director’s life experience. He found that he always eagers for mother’s love, but when really facing his mother, he failed to bring them closer. While time passed, they both missed the opportunity to retrieve the situation, only leaving helplessness. By recalling that mother never gave her child what he really wanted, a child’s angle of view was adopted to differentiate the timeline and emotional atmosphere of the present and the past, dividing rationality, sensibility and environment proportion. The animation sensibility and childlike sense were overlaid by hand-drawing strokes and paper textures; the textures of hand-drawing animation were tried to be recovered to the materials of computer animation.