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願 | Hope

楊宛蓁、邱昱絜、尹新瑋、劉炳成、蔡卉婷 Wan-Chen Yang, Yu-Chieh Chiu, Hsin-Wei Yin, Ping-Cheng Liu, Hui-Ting Tsai

天燈自古以來有著傳遞訊息、祈福許願的作用,在台灣並列為「北天燈,南蜂炮,東寒單」三大民俗之一的美名,成為百年歷史的在地習俗。而這些天燈都承載著我們親手寫下的祝福與希望,作為心靈上的寄託,向天祈禱著希望心中所想的願望能成真。主要在敘述在每個人心中都曾有過可能是天馬行空又或是不可能實現的願望,正因為如此,讓我們對於未來的目標更加明確,在過程中可能失敗,卻還是勇往直前,『願』你我都能朝著自己的願望前進。我們也希望透過本片讓世界各地的人了解天燈除了能許下人們心中的願望,並且能知道放天燈的傳統文化,傳承了中華文化裡美好的習俗。 Sky lantern, used for passing messages, praying for blessings and making wishes since ancient times, has a good name of top three folk activities in Taiwan “sky lanterns in the North; beehive fireworks in the South; and Handan in the East.” It became a local custom lasting one hundred years. These sky lanterns carry our blessings and wishes written with our own hands, as spiritual sustenance, praying to God for dreams coming true. It mainly describes that everyone had either imaginative or unachievable wishes in mind. Just because of that, our goals in the future will be more specific. It may fail in the process, but we still advance bravely towards our own wishes. Through this film, we hope that the people around the world can understand that people can make wishes via sky lanterns, and understand the traditional culture of releasing sky lanterns, passing on this wonderful custom in the Chinese culture.