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林易辰、林煒翔、林正耘、郭秉澄、王淯傑、徐昊 Yi-Chen Lin, Yi-Chen Lin, Cheng-Yun Lin, Ping-Cheng Kuo, Yu-Chieh Wang, Hao Hsu

《SOMNUS》為一款第一人稱射擊遊戲。本作在第一人稱射擊遊戲的基礎上,融合了動作遊戲常有的完美迴避,讓玩家在享受FPS的射擊感的同時,還能一併體驗到動作遊戲的高靈活度。玩家將扮演本作主角榮格,一名藉由潛入他人的意識,獵殺由潛意識幻化成的夢魘,來治療各種不治之症的密醫;這次,他將潛入一名因故而成為植物人的歌劇女星的意識中,透過找尋到的線索,一步步拼湊出使她甦醒的關鍵,與深藏在背後的陰謀… “SOMNUS,” a first-person shooting game, combines with perfect avoidance usually seen in action games, allowing players to not only enjoy the sense of first personshooting but also experience the high flexibility of the action game at the same time. Players will play the leading role of Jung, a quacksalver treating all kinds of incurable diseases via killing nightmares transformed from subconsciousness by slipping into people’s consciousness. At this time, he will slip into the consciousness of a female opera singer, who became a vegetable for some reason, to step by step piece up the key to her recovery and the conspiracy deeply hidden behind via the found clues.