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Setting Collection

Ann Chou 周育安

■ Works 1-4: "Left Ear" Physical Picture Books The cover of the picture book features a self-portrait of Left Ear. During the creation of "Left Ear," the most challenging aspect for me was selecting a cover that could represent the story's content. What kind of story is this? What kind of child is Left Ear? I wanted the cover to resonate throughout the entire work. Therefore, I ultimately chose Left Ear's self-portrait as the cover concept because portrait painting is a way to document appearances and also serves as a process for the creator to reflect on each stage. The cover of the "Left Ear" picture book showcases Left Ear's self-portrait as the central concept, with Left Ear's signature in the bottom right corner. ■ Works 5-7: "Left Ear" Print Samples ■ Work 8: Left Ear Oil Paintings, Approximately Postcard Size ■ Work 9: Left Ear and Right Ear Setting The mirror on the far left is the second page of the picture book, which coincidentally echoes the self-portrait of Left Ear on the cover. On this page, Left Ear describes living with a group of right ears. The mirror on the far right represents the perspective of the reader, observing the Left Ear and Right Ear setting. From the reader's point of view, they are both Left Ears. However, because Left Ear believes the other is a right ear, what are they really? Currently, besides using clothing color to differentiate between left and right ears, we can only rely on clear lines or the distinction between sharp and blurred edges on the head.