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I'm different from them.

Ann Chou 周育安

"Did the Right Ear notice that I'm different from them? If they find out, will they no longer want to play with me?" ___ Children always have their own secret whispers within their little groups. Although I'm not easily excluded, I still make an effort to pretend that I hear those conversations. When people around me laugh, I laugh along. But I've never tried telling my friends about my hearing impairment. Perhaps my childhood imagination of being excluded was just my own fear. The world of childhood is small, and not being able to hear what friends are saying becomes a grave concern. Later on, I asked my mom to let me learn lip-reading. At that time, my mom refused, and although I haven't asked why until now (maybe I did ask before, but I've forgotten), it seems like it was for the best. Now I don't pay as much attention to what others say. And who knows, maybe I'm the one who keeps the tightest secret within the little group because I didn't hear anything at all.