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Left Ear


Ann Chou


2023-07-01 ~ 2024-06-30


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I am a naturally single-eared hearing impaired individual. In 2021, I published a picture book titled "Left Ear," which serves as a reflection of my life journey. It is a story that belongs to me, a story of a hearing-impaired individual, and also a story for those who are still discovering themselves. After the publication of the picture book, my life with my left ear continued to evolve, entering a new chapter. The picture book "Left Ear" emphasizes that "we can all find the most comfortable way of living." Therefore, after that, we took creative steps that differed from the past. With the exhibition retrospective of "Left Ear," documenting the period from the publication of the picture book until now, my left ear and I have explored new possibilities that allow us to truly be ourselves. -------- 【About the Picture Book "Left Ear"】 "When we have something, it's easy to forget that someone else lacks it. People who have needs don't need special treatment; they just need someone who understands." Left Ear often feels out of place among the right ear majority, unsure of how to fit in with everyone else. She often struggles to hear conversations clearly, falls behind in rhythm, and is frequently startled by sudden sounds. I once saw a visually impaired advertisement that depicted the majority of people not knowing how to help the visually impaired, and it left a deep impression on me. As a naturally single-eared hearing impaired person, I am considered relatively less disabled compared to others. However, I still experience inconveniences in daily life, with words I hear always being incomplete. But as a child, I didn't want my friends to notice that I was different, so I often "guessed" the meaning of words, trying to blend in with the group. This advertisement made me reflect on the fact that the world isn't inherently unfriendly; it's just that actions that come easily to able-bodied individuals can be challenging for people with disabilities. With age and experience, I began to build my confidence, learn to express myself, and make others understand my needs. I also gained a better understanding of my own requirements, realizing that not every sound needs to be heard and that silence is a form of rest for me. Perhaps, at times, we may feel like we don't fit in with the outside world, or we may discover barriers between certain individuals and groups. But if each person can express themselves and respect one another, I believe we can all find the most comfortable way of living. -------- 【About NFT Creative Extensions】 The picture book "Left Ear" was published at the end of 2021, and the "Left Ear" NFT was born in 2022. If the content of the "Left Ear" picture book describes the process of finding ways to be understood, as the real-world author, after completing this work in 2021, I faced the question of what further developments awaited me. In early 2022, I came across NFT art creation and found it to be a very friendly and comfortable creative medium for me. I could break through many limitations of the real world online, assuming various roles and enjoying greater freedom, enabling people from all over the world to purchase my artwork. Therefore, I created 10 Left Ear PFP (Profile Picture) avatars, each representing common identities in the NFT market, serving as my personal extension in exploring new worlds.

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Ann Chou 周育安


Ann Chou 周育安

Ann Chou is an artistic creator who has a passion for movies and whiskey. She has published picture books and received the 2022 3x3mag merit award. In early 2022, she became an NFT creator and has been actively involved in the Tezos blockchain, sharing her insights as a creator through multiple publications.
Ann Chou 周育安


Ann Chou 周育安

Ann Chou is a Taiwanese digital artist and NFT creator who has a passion for movies. Her works often revolve around film criticism and spiritual exploration. She has collaborated with film distribution companies multiple times to create artistic promotional pieces and has been featured in newspaper columns. Her creative works include graphic art, animation, picture books, and NFTs. She has participated in Taiwan Cultural and Creative Industries Expo and various international NFT art exhibitions in the United States, United Kingdom, and Thailand. Her picture book "左耳 Left Ear," published in 2021, received recognition in the 2022 3x3mag merit. She excels in translating her personal experiences into visual images, sharing her explorations of life. She emphasizes creating an atmospheric rendering in her works and strives to infuse emotions into them, capturing the audience's attention through composition and character body language. For her, creating art is a way of self-realization.