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2021 印刷小誌25冊 本次與文化國小五年級資優班合作,邀請到目前任職於成衣產業的設計師劉映岑,希望從在國小生活當中已經逐漸式微的「制服」著手,一起思考制服的發展與演變,現代國小生活中為何制服已被運動服取代?制服帶有甚麼意涵?哪些是當代社會希望保留的精神,哪些又是希望能夠淘汰並警惕的負面效益?並且帶領同學一起製作屬於自己班上的「制服」,一方面認識服裝的製作過程,一方面學習如何透過服裝傳達自身的想法和意念。 Chen Jen and the Fu-Hsing High School art class Designing a Personal Zine 2021 25 Volumes of Printed Zines In this collaboration with the Fu-Hsing High School art class, students are guided in a silk-screen printing course to create a zine. Through the freedom of expression in a zine format, they record issues of concern, events on the school campus, ideas and thoughts in these chapters of their youth. Zines, or small magazines, are independent publications with the purpose of expressing ideas rather than for profit. The development of zines is closely tied to underground music, subculture, and social movements. They are a malleable form of self-expression, with a lot of freedom in theme and content, and no set format in reproduction. The zine was chosen as main creative content for collaboration with the Fu-Hsing High School art class for its characteristic of openness, and its potential for instigating future trends and for stimulating the development of subcultures. Zine creator and concept store owner Chen Jen has been invited to the print coursework of the art class to introduce a variety of zines as reference, and then to guide the students in designing a zine of their own.