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2021 舊衣回收布料、縫線 尺寸依場地 曾嬿圩從生活織物的觀察與實驗中,以一種解構再重新組合的方式進行創作。從材料的歷史來看,被淘汰的二手舊衣、廢棄毛巾、下腳布料等,呼應了全球化與工業化的時代趨勢;大量生產的服飾,連結生產國與消費國的經濟關係,更因為穿戴者的個人經驗與記憶,有了不同的意涵。纏繞人偶的轉化,呈現集體與個人的故事,在物件情緒的氛圍中,暗示人類社會與自然環境之間的相互關係。本次和石牌國小樂齡班的合作,邀請參與者將自己捨不得丟但不再穿的衣服,作為獨特的材料,並寫下關於這件衣服的小故事,以藝術家擅長的纏繞技巧,結合紡織與雕塑的藝術表現,透過工作坊的形式,帶領參與者製作獨一無二的人偶,結合生命史的記憶進行創作。 Tseng Yen-yu and the Senior Academy at Shipai Elementary School Urban Doll Series: Aunties and Uncles of Beitou 2021 Reclaimed fabric and thread from old clothing Dimensions specific to venue In her creative process, Tseng Yen-yu deconstructs and reassembles textiles from daily life through observation and experimentation. From the history of materials, obsolete old clothing, discarded towels, remnant scraps, etc., echo the trends in an era of globalization and industrialization. Mass produced clothing and accessories create economic ties between producer nations and consumer nations, and different connotations are created by the individual experiences and memories of the wearer. The transformation of the rag dolls reveals collective and individual stories. The emotional atmosphere of the objects hints at the interrelationship between human society and the natural environment. In this collaboration with the Senior Academy at Shipai Elementary School, participants are invited to take a piece of clothing they no longer wear but are reluctant to discard, to be used as a unique piece of material, and to write the story of the piece of clothing. In the course of the workshop participants are guided to create unique dolls that combine life history and memories, using the artist’s technique of ragdoll-making that combines weaving with sculpting.