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【時尚動物似顏繪】桑拿大可 x 台北插畫藝術節





忙碌一天,夜幕低垂之時,一起脫下一身疲憊吧。 午夜 12 點一過,我們變身成派對動物,穿上高級訂製服、配戴奢華和優雅的珠寶與配件、灑上專屬香氣,融合著人類摩登又迷人的氣息,以及動物浪漫直覺的特徵。開啟自由的靈魂後,便能打破結界進入神秘又迷濛森林,譜寫一段精彩的奇幻旅程。 - 當 ( ) 成為動物世界主角, 進入奇幻森林,會是什麼摸樣呢? 而(你 / 妳)是這次的主角。 - 新生代潮流藝術家: 桑拿大可 將客製化為粉絲朋友們繪製似顏繪;畫上(你 / 妳)挑選的動物濾鏡,融合動物與人類的特徵,搭配獨具風格的面部神情、最時髦的穿搭與時尚單品,一起進入奇幻森林探索~

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本名孫大可,英文翻譯 SUN, Take。我將 Sun 翻成「桑」,Take 翻成「拿」,再加上名字「大可」就是「桑拿大可」了。「桑拿」有三溫暖的意思。我希望在這繁雜的現今社會,讓充滿壓力的人們可以欣賞到舒服、放鬆的作品,讓這世界還有那麼一點喘息之處。同時,在創作中會加點情慾的元素,讓「桑拿」這個詞增添另一層想像空間。 主要以繪畫人物為主,藉由眼神、穿搭、肢體結合服裝造型,用「桑拿 Sangna」的風格表現繪畫。大部分的作品以電繪、水彩和壓克力顏料呈現,以大膽隨興的筆觸,乾淨利落的構圖,點出整幅畫的細節,彷彿在作品上做了場時尚秀。 經常在網路上蒐集時尚穿搭資訊,了解當季流行單品、顏色,瀏覽世界各地的人如何搭配出屬於自己的穿衣風格。我認為不同品牌服飾擁有不同的情緒,每一季的造型與概念,闡述著不同故事。不管是透過網路或是實際與人互動,在創作時,透過與人的情感交流,產生不同的畫面,最終也將對映到自己本身,思考虛實之間的平衡。 Sangna Take My pseudonym “Sangna Take” comes from the recombination of my full name SUN, Ta-Ke. I translate Sun to “Sang”, and Ta-Ke to “Take.” “Sangna” means sauna in Mandarin. Due to the complexity society nowadays, people live under lots of pressure. The situation in modern centuries inspires me to create the artworks which can make people feel comfortable, relaxed and stress-free, giving them a short break when watching my artworks even if there is just one minute. On the other hand, I add some erotic elements in my artworks to create another aspect of imagination for people. I focus on figure painting, and combine with modeling through people’s styling, body movements and the emotion showing in their eyes to create my artwork. Most of the mediums of my artworks are digital painting, watercolor and acrylic with bold stroke and neat composition pointing out the details, as if making a fashion show on my artworks. I usually collect the fashion styling information on internet to absorb every product of the seasons and browse people’s styling from all over the world. I believe that every fashion brand has its spirit. They are telling different stories through every concept and styling of the season. No matter via internet or interacting with people in reality, when making artworks, through communicating with people makes me have different pictures in my mind. However, the most important thing is to reflect on myself, thinking about the balance between virtual and reality.