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Sakon Malee


Sakon Malee


2022-12-16 ~ 2024-12-16



Sakon Malee X Taipei Illustration Fair --------- CONCEPT The ways of human life in Local Society that practice the belief of tradition and culture inherited from ancestors. So the different area may be difference culture but people has one point to show our belief in culture. Liken a method of connect and contributes to the community way and the existence of the culture that harmonize and integrate with the way of local people's life very well.

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Sakon Malee


Sakon Malee

1988 Born in Roi Et City,Thailand 2022 Lecturer at Thai Painting, Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin Bangkok, Thailand | SOLO EXHIBITION | 2018-2021 2018 The 33rd PTT Art Contest, Bangkok, Thailand 2019 E-SAN way of Life Painting, BACC, Bangkok, Thailand The 4th Krungthai Art Award, Bangkok, Thailand The 9th Asia Plus Art Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand The 8th White Elephant Art Award “Joyous Celebrations”, Bangkok, Thailand The 65th National Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand 2020 The 45th Anniversary of Department of Thai Traditional Art and in Honor of Julthusna Byaghrananda, Fellow of The Royal Society of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand The 42nd Bualuang Painting Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand Thailand Biennale, Korat The 66th National Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand E-SAN WAY OF LIFE CONTEMPORARY PAINTING, Bangkok, Thailand 2021 The 36th PTT Art Contest, Bangkok, Thailand The 43rd Bualuang Painting Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailandtion | GROUP EXHIBITION | 2019 E-SAN Group Exhibition “Home”,Bangkok, Thailand The Department of Thai Traditional Art of Royal Society of Thailand “Six Building Group”, Bangkok, Thailand | PRIZE | 2018 Gold Medal of the 40th Bualuang Painting by Bualuang Foundation 2019 bronze medal of the 41st Bualuang Painting by Bualuang Foundation