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ULTUS 2030

林映宇 吳浚翔 劉承璟 張智瑋

過去的公車只專注於載客與運輸效率,搭乘中人與人之間距離緊密,搭乘感受不舒適,同時也衍伸出很多問題 : 傳染疾病、性騷擾、殘障不友善......等。特別是在 COVID-19 疫情下,徹底讓人們的生活有了很大改變,人們開始害怕人潮與接觸,重視個人空間。因此針對 2030 年設計出這款能解決這些問題並結合未來趨勢的公車,使搭乘公共運輸也可以享受私人空間以及安心的搭乘體驗。 In the past, the bus only focused on the efficiency of capacity and transportation. The distance between people was close, and uncomfortable. At the same time, problems also emerged: infectious diseases, sexual harassment, barrier-free, etc. . Especially under the COVID-19 , people's lives have been completely changed, begun to fear crowds and contacts, and pay attention to personal space. Therefore, a bus that can solve these problems and combine future trends is designed for 2030, which people can enjoy private space and a safe riding experience.