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ULTEX 2030

林映宇 吳浚翔 張智瑋 劉承璟

2030 年電商逐漸普及以及許多人偏好移居鄉村郊區,實體店面逐漸減少。然而虛擬商城卻較難提供消費者實際選購與服務的體驗,業者也不易展現品牌風格。因此我們設計出 ULTEX 來解決上述問題。ULTEX 是一台品牌與商品體驗車,他的特色在能提供顧客在未來趨勢與後疫情時代下提供安全便利地實際體驗商品與新品的空間,同時也提供品牌業者自由發揮的實體移動展場。 In 2030, with the growth of e-commerce and many people consider moving to rural suburbs, the number of physical stores will decrease. However, it is difficult for virtual stores to provide consumers with the actual shopping and service experience, and it is not easy for brands to show their unique styles. Therefore, we designed ULTEX to solve the problems. ULTEX is a brand & product experience vehicle. It can provide customers with safe and convenient shopping space under the future trend and the Covid-19 era. At the same time provide a physical mobile exhibition space for brand owners to play freely.