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陳威 李淇墉 蔡哲儒 林劭穎

''tentagon'' 是一款採用充氣式骨架的雙人輕量化帳篷,簡化傳統帳篷使用流程出發,讓使用者有更好的使用體驗。其中採用了創新的三軸氣柱技術,顛覆以往市面上的一軸技術,讓整體帳篷骨架有更良好的支撐結構。帳篷充氣只需 2 分鐘內即可完成,使用者只需將充氣骨架充飽即可搭建完成。帳篷整體外型以五邊型為代表,透過左右傾斜的角度與內帳連接,利用重力讓內帳與氣柱達到完美的平衡。 ''tentagon'' is a two-person lightweight tent with an inflatable frame, which simplifies the use of traditional tents and allows users to have a better experience. Among them, the innovative three-axis air column technology is used, which subverts the previous one-axis technology on the market, so that the overall tent frame has a better supporting structure. The tent can be inflated within 2 minutes, and the user only needs to fill the inflatable frame to complete the construction. The overall shape of the tent is represented by a pentagon, which is connected to the inner tent through the left and right inclined angles and uses gravity to achieve a perfect balance between the inner tent and the air column.