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Help Me

蕭筑方 Hsiao, Chu-Fang

我們在藝術創作中看見藝術家如何詮釋孤獨,蕭筑方的作品〈Help me〉以自己在生活或創作上遇到瓶頸時,所出現的情緒為主題。將兩幅畫布交疊而成,在較大的黃色畫布上使用黑色顏料滴流,呈現如淚痕般的線條,象徵匯集而來的情緒壓力。畫面中央繪畫出雙手抱頭流淚的人物,黑色的眼淚形成線條滴流到桌上寫出「Help me」。並希望透過添加油畫媒材,表現不同的線條以及顏料的濃稠感,傳達用眼淚寫字的嗚咽狀態。 In many art pieces, we can see how artist interpret loneliness. In Help Me by Hsiao Chu-Fang, who expressed her struggling when she has difficulties of life or creation. She put two pieces of canvas together and used black oil paint to draw the dripping like tears on the large yellow canvas, symbolized accumulating pressure in life. In the center of painting, a person was weeping with two hands on the head. Black tears dripped down to the table and form two words “help me.” With material of oil paint, which enhances different lines and its thickness, emphasizes the mind state of writing with tears.