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我們本是一體 We Were All in One

徐睿甫 Hsu, Jui-Fu

當代藝術探討人與環境(或其他動物)的創作不勝枚舉,徐睿甫的創作〈我們本是一體〉,以鉛筆描繪七種生物,藉由手繪的過程,找尋自己與描繪對象物之間的連結,同時作為彰顯自我內在潛意識的表現。 There are numerous contemporary arts focus on humans and the environment or other animals. We Were All in One by Hsu Jui-Fu is a pencil illustration of seven life forms. He hopes to use the process of hand sketches to discover the connections between him and the objects he drew to manifest his subconscious self.