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英姿之二系列- Heroic Bearing series 2-

康雅筑 Kang, Ya-Chu

康雅筑作品〈英姿之二系列-〉系列的男體雕塑象徵英雄角色,表現出勇猛、強悍的特質。藝術家用漫畫紙張,塑造健碩雄壯的英雄身軀,以柔性氣質的印花布紙,製作威風的飛行斗篷。在材質的反襯之下,剛強的肌肉線條,似乎顯得柔韌而飽滿。 藝術家透過印花布混搭英雄漫畫,讓作品觸及性別與社會的關係,也進一步隱喻全球化之中,西方權力、身份與文化定位的模糊狀態。 Heroic Bearing series 2- by Kang Ya-Chu, the male sculptures from the series present an image of heroic characters with bravery and fierce. Kang used comic paper to shape a strong and powerful body of the hero, and used soft printed fabrics to make the majestic flying cloak. With the material, tough muscle lines seem to be more flexible and buffed. He combined hero comics with colorful printed fabrics, rising the discussion of the relationship between gender and society. It is also a metaphor of the unclear orientation of Western hegemony, identity and cultural influence due to globalization.