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靜默中 In Silence

塩田千春 Shiota Chiharu

年份:2002/2021 媒材:燒焦鋼琴、燒焦椅、Alcantara黑線 尺寸依空間而定 製作贊助: Alcantara S.p.A. Courtesy: KENJI TAKI GALLERY, Nagoya/ Tokyo 「九歲時,我家隔壁發生了一場火災。 翌日,一台鋼琴孤零零的出現在屋外,全身燒到焦黑,看起來卻美麗更勝以往。 一種無可言喻的靜默壟罩著我,在接下來的幾天裡,只要一聞到窗外飄來的燒焦味,我就會感到自己的聲音變得模糊沉鬱。 有些事物深深沉入我的心底,有些則無論多麼努力嘗試,也難以物質或語言的形式捕捉其樣貌。 但它們卻是沒有形體的存在,一如靈魂。 越想著它們,它們的聲音就越從心底消失,其存在也越發清晰而確實。」 Year: 2002/2021 Medium: burnt piano, burnt chair, Alcantara black thread Dimensions variable Production Support: Alcantara S.p.A. Courtesy: KENJI TAKI GALLERY, Nagoya/ Tokyo “When I was nine, there was a fire at the house next to ours. The next day, there was a piano sitting outside the house. Scorched until it was jet black, it seemed an even more beautiful symbol than before. An ineffable silence came over me, and over the next few days, whenever the window blew that burning smell into our house, I could feel my voice start to cloud over. There are things that sink deep into the recesses of my mind, and others that fail to take either a physical or verbal form, no matter how hard you try. But they exist as souls without a tangible form. The more you think about them, the more their sounds disappear from my mind, and the more tangible their existence becomes.”