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外在化的身體 Out of My Body

塩田千春 Shiota Chiharu

年份:2019/2021 媒材:牛皮、青銅 尺寸依空間而定 「身與心變得支離破碎,而我再也止不住這些無法駕馭的情感。 我將身體四散攤放,和它們在心裡對話。 把身體連結到紅線上,原來是這麼一回事……好像終於理解。 表達出這些情感,並賦予它們形體,這麼做總會同時摧毀了靈魂。」 Year: 2019/2021 Medium: cowhide leather, bronze Dimensions variable “The mind and body become detached from each other, and I am no longer able to put a stop to these uncontrollable emotions. I lay my own body out in scattered pieces and have a conversation with it in my mind. Somehow, I understand that this is what the act of connecting my body to these red threads is about. The act of expressing these emotions and giving them a form always also involves the soul being destroyed. “