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內與外 Inside – Outside

塩田千春 Shiota Chiharu

年份:2008/2021 媒材:舊木製窗 尺寸依空間而定 Courtesy: KENJI TAKI GALLERY, Nagoya/ Tokyo 「即便在柏林圍牆倒塌三十年後的現在,這個城市仍然持續不斷的蛻變,每天都有不同的面貌。 當我凝視著被丟棄在柏林建築工地上的窗戶時,不禁思及東西兩德分開二十八年的歷史,想到這些擁有相同國籍、說著相同語言的居民:他們如何看待柏林的生活,又是抱著什麼樣的心情度日。」 Year: 2008/2021 Medium: old wooden window Dimensions variable Courtesy: KENJI TAKI GALLERY, Nagoya/ Tokyo “Even now, thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city continues to transform itself, showing a different side of itself every day. When I gaze at the windows that have been discarded at Berlin’s construction sites, I start to recall how east and west were separated from each other for twenty-eight years, and think about the lives of these people with the same nationality, speaking the same language, how they regarded life in Berlin, and what were on their minds. ”