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世新大學 數位多媒體設計學系

咻嚕嚕嚕~靈感降臨!! 想法在腦內流竄,彼此碰撞擦出火花、燃起創意,於天時地利人和之間伴隨著希望,靈感降臨、咻比誕生。 累積能量日益茁壯,在成長的階段透過不同的環境與歷練產生變化,使每件作品孕育發展成熟,經過日積月累的淬煉,為每一個故事注入靈魂,造就不一樣的結果,留下一顆顆感受因子,在適當的時機引起人們體內的共鳴。 創作時複雜的感受、傾盡一切的努力,在過程中提取養分、內化吸收、悄悄進步,在採收最終成果的同時回頭檢視過往的經歷,拾起當初一個個堅持不懈、用心灌溉、默默耕耘的自己。 The theme of the exhibition is "Shulululu the inspiration is coming." Shulululu is the imaginary sound when all the ideas collide and the creativities spark at the right time through accumulating the energy and experiences for a long time, thus delivering stories that resonate with people. The mascot Shube, on the other hand, represents the inspiration itself. The process of any creation is a combination of complex feelings with all the efforts and progress. Here we present to you the fruits of our long-term endeavors.

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