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南方澳公共開放空間規劃與設計 – 嶼浪之間

方宜丞 / 李鉦澤

南方澳公共開放空間規劃與設計 – 嶼浪之間 / Planning and Design for the Reconstruction of Open Public Space in Nanfangao Fishing Village 隨著南方澳產業變遷,原重度依賴傳統漁業而生的捕魚、造船和鋼鐵等產業也逐漸沒落,傳統漁村結構轉型觀光已成必然,而因應產業而生的空間與生活方式也將受到影響與改變。 在這樣資源豐富、人口密集、歷史文化底蘊深厚的漁村,面臨漁村結構的改變下,公共空間之編排與利用,卻沒有因應需求做出改變。 我們將試圖軟化產業與生活空間所造成的界線,解決傳統因產業而生但未被妥善運用的空間,重新定義及規劃。 With the changes of Nanfang Australia's industries, the fishing, shipbuilding, steel and other industries that were heavily dependent on traditional fishing have gradually declined. The transformation of traditional fishing village structure to sightseeing has become inevitable, and the space and lifestyle that are born in response to the industry will also be affected. with change. In such a fishing village with rich resources, dense population, and profound historical and cultural heritage, and facing changes in the structure of fishing villages, the arrangement and utilization of public spaces have not changed in response to needs. We will try to soften the boundary between industry and living space, solve the traditional space that was born out of industry but not properly used, and redefine and plan. 團隊成員 方宜丞 / YI-CHENG,FANG 李鉦澤 / ZHENG-ZE,LI