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貴.多樂門 Kui Djuveljelem

媒材 : 柳安木、葛藤 / lauan, kudzu 尺寸 : 22×28×5cm 製作年份 : 2022 對於排灣族人來說,「陶壺」是祖靈寄居在人間的住所, 也與族群的歷史、信仰和文化息息相關,在部落中具有非常重要的地位。 陶壺依其功能可分為: 1. 純粹祭祀用的祭壺或古陶壺,內常裝琉璃珠或祭品; 2. 作為聘禮,常有浮貼或陰刻等紋樣的古陶壺; 3. 釀酒用的陶壺; 4. 可放置糧食、種子、醃肉、盛水用的陶壺。 本次創作排灣族陶壼餐盤結合原生植物葛藤編織做為底座的構思,希望將傳統文化中具有重要意義的文物, 用不同的樣貌呈現使文化有新生的契機。 For the Paiwan’s people, the "clay pot" is the place where the ancestral spirits lived in the world. It is also closely related to the history, beliefs and culture of Paiwan and has a very important position in our tribe. Clay pots can be classified according to their functions, 1. sacrificial pots or ancient clay pots are only used for sacrifice, generally filled with glazed beads or offerings. 2. engagement presents, the clay pot with carving patterns. 3. for wine-making purpose. 4. storage purpose for grain, seeds, cured meat, and water. The creation of the Paiwan’s clay pot shaped plate combines with the original plant ‘‘kudzu’’ weave as the base. We expect to interpret our antique into a refreshing appearance and introduce to everyone.