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凝湖:嚐口甜─思所源 - The Vanishing Lakes

王雅婷, 蔡欣樺, 呂欣宜 - Wang, Ya-Ting, Tsai, Hsin-Hua, Lu, Hsin-I

臺灣雖歷經數次乾旱,卻從未正視缺水問題。我們以糖果為載體,將湖泊乾涸轉換成吃糖的過程,嚐口甜,思所源,藉由包裝設計,帶領觀者層層認識水資源的窘境。 - Despite frequent rainfall in Taiwan, there’s not much water left from the rain for us to use. That’s why we must rely on lakes and reservoirs. We relate the disappearance of water into the process of candy eating, as the changing shape of the candy symbolizes the high flow and low flow period of the lakes, in order to demonstrate the importance of the lakes to the audience.