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菇gi菇gi - Gugi Gugi Beanie design

詹凱舒, 林書安, 黃歆詞 - Zhan,Kai Su, Lin,Shu-An, Huang,Hsin Tzu

以常見的菇類為主題,將不同菇類的外型特色加以揣摩,並製作成貝雷帽。嬰幼兒戴起來就像是頭上長了一朵朵的菇,搭配盆栽造型的包裝,傳遞令人會心一笑卻又療癒人心的設計。 - Choosing common mushrooms as our main theme, we shaped and designed the various shapes of mushrooms into berets. The baby wears like mushrooms growing out from their head; in addition, the package design of a vase expresses joyful, soothing, and stress-relieving form.