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斤一斤—台斤概念線上展 - One Taiwan Catty

許凱婷, 蔡昀恩, 郝均妮, 陳玉湘 - Hsu, Kai-Ting, Tsai, Yun-En, Hao, Jyun-Ni, Chen, Yu-Siang

台斤為臺灣獨有的重量單位,傳統市場中的標價也大多以台斤為主,然而多數現代人卻對「一台斤的份量」感到陌生。 要熟悉市場中各食材一台斤的份量,需要大量經驗的累積。因此,我們以年輕一代作為主要受眾,以較生活化且輕鬆的方式來展示一台斤的份量,讓年輕人們在進入菜市場之前,可以用輕鬆有趣的方式來了解「一台斤」份量的概念。 斤一斤以線上網站作為載體,透過逛市場、模擬挑選,給予使用者沈浸式的體驗,並以圖文及3D動態輔助,將「一台斤食材」轉換為「料理份數」,以生活中常見的料理大量舉例,呈現專為台斤打造的線上展覽。 - Taiwan-catty is a measuring unit of weight only used in grass-root society in Taiwan, whose consumers are mostly middle-aged and older. However, the most young generations are unfamiliar with it. It will take a great deal of efforts for them to weigh one Taiwan-catty accurately. Hence, we target the youth as our main audience, showing them various foods of one Taiwan-catty on our website in an interesting way, in order to help them easily and amusingly grasp the concept before entering the traditional market. Through our website斤一斤, users can shop in the market by a virtual immersion experience. Additionally, some food ingredients of one Taiwan-catty are able to be converted into food servings supported by graphics, 3D animation, which use a lot of daily life examples in the online exhibition.