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夜晚,一段不被注意到的時間,有著特定的族群正默默的閃耀著。 Fluoinsect,一本紀錄著各式夜間職業與蟲的手冊,藉由在職業與蟲中找關聯,讓大家不僅可以關注到在夜間付出的人們,也可以認識在晚上出沒的形形色色的蟲,讓自然與社會更可以被視為一體。 - During the night, a time that often goes unnoticed by the world, there are certain people quietly glowing, silently shining. Fluoinsect is a book that has recorded all kinds of nocturnal insects and people. It encourages the public to recognize and appreciate the people who give so much to the night, while also spreading the knowledge of the wonderful insects that only come out after the sun sets. It points out the connection between humans and insects and in so doing, bringing society and nature together as one.