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臺鐵APP長者計畫 - TRA APP for the Elderly

黃鈺善 - Yu-Shan, Huang

根據統計,火車為長者第二常搭乘的大眾運輸工具。然而現有的臺鐵APP存在著操作不易與介面複雜等問題,對於年輕人而言已是難以操作,更遑論年長者?因此,本計畫將以通用設計為基礎,簡化流程與功能,重新梳理架構,打造適合長者使用的臺鐵APP。 - Statistics show that the train is the second most commonly used mode of public transportation among elderly people. However, the existing Taiwan Railway APP is so user-unfriendly that it’s difficult to figure out even for young people, not to mention the elderly. We plan to build a new Taiwan Railway app, based on a universal design, simplifying its processes and functions, and make it convenient, practical, and intuitive for people of all ages.