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國立臺灣藝術大學 視覺傳達設計學系

BB(Best Before)是「品質保存期限」的縮寫; BOT(Beginning Of Track)則有「開始的軌道之意」。 在每個新想法萌生的過程當中,不論是面對自身經驗帶來的影響或是新觀點的介入,個人的偏好或接受與否的態度,皆是我們自己所定義的。 對於新事物所保有的好奇有其時效性,如同產品所帶來的品質感受期限。 同樣身處於一個空間當中,我與他者間彼此抱有著殊異的想法。放射、重疊、紛雜、串接。我們像昆蟲般到處搜索、四處亂竄,找尋著能導引自身的方向與投射自我的軌跡。自身對於新想法的過濾與判斷,定義了對於不同事物的保存期限,並同時在未知的探索與體驗中前行。 BB and BOT stands for “Best Before” and “Beginning of Track” respectively. We bring meaning to every new idea we have. Our experiences guide how we think; our preferences and attitudes towards things are defined solely by ourselves. But our curiosity towards every new thing has its time limit, just as every product has its ‘Best Before’ date. So, how long will our curiosity last? As we move through in life, our thoughts and beliefs build upon each other. No two people think exactly the same, even if raised in the same environment. Because of this, we create new paths—or “Tracks” as we call them—for ourselves when we communicate with others. Our thoughts emanate, overlap, disrupt, and connect. We are like insects—exploring, scattering—trying to find our own tracks. We filter and distinguish new ideas, defining the Best Before date of everything we come across, and keep moving forward into the unknown. Everything—our every thought, our every idea, our every belief—begins at the beginning of our own track.

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