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璞食 - Pu Shi

李沄潔 - Lee,Yun-Jie

壯圍曾是北台灣農業重鎮,隨著時代變化,產業逐漸沒落,甚至被人遺忘。 因此,身為宜蘭人的我,設計出 — 《璞食》特色茶食餐具組,並結合壯圍當地農特產,如 : 哈密瓜、美濃瓜、南瓜等等,推出創意茶食料理。 期盼一饗餐食的同時,透過壯圍特色風味茶點,細品出恬靜自然之美,並藉此推廣壯圍在地特色食材,留下優美的用餐美感體驗。 - Zhuangwei used to be an important agricultural town in northern Taiwan. After a few years, the agricultural industry has gradually declined or even been forgotten. Therefore, I, who was born in Yilan, designed out the special tea tableware set - "Pu Shi" and also introduce tea food with Zhuangwei’s special refreshments,just like cantaloupe,melon,pumpkin and so on. Looking forward to savoring the beauty of nature through Zhuangwei’s special refreshments and we also hope to promote the local specialities and give you a beautiful dining experience.