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Bras Up

賴靖宜 - Lai, Ching Yi

Bras Up 為一款內衣專屬衣架,藉由隆起的支撐結構,能避免內衣在晾曬時變形。每個衣架可以分開來吊掛,也可以互相串接,進而達到節省空間的目的,且一體成型的設計,只需要夾跟掛兩步驟,即可完成晾曬的動作。 - Bras Up is a bra hanger that can prevent bras from deforming with its special structure, therefore, it can help reduce unnecessary bra waste. Additionally, the hanger can be used separately, but also can be connected to save space, and with one-piece design, there’re only two steps to finish, including clipping and hanging.