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一針一綫 - 書籍設計


一針一綫透過圖像與文字,記錄傳統刺繡的文化與現代刺繡的創新。我們使用紙、線、布等複合媒材還原刺繡的針法,並透過特殊的印刷加工及書籍裝幀,讓刺繡達到古意創新。我們致力於推廣刺繡文化,將傳統技藝反轉成新面貌帶給大眾。本系列以中式繡花鞋作為雛形,每一雙繡花鞋蘊含的不只是刺繡工藝技法,更多的是文化傳承與現代思維的融合。 “Stitch by Stitch” is committed to promoting embroidery culture, inverting traditional skills into a new look to the public. This series takes Chinese embroidered shoes as the prototype. Each pair of embroidered shoes not only contains embroidery techniques but also contains the integration of cultural heritage and modern thinking. We records the culture of traditional embroidery and the innovation of modern embroidery through images and words. We use composite materials such as paper, thread, and cloth to restore the stitches of embroidery, and through special printing and book-binding, embroidery can achieve ancient innovation.