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ZIGZAG - 主視覺


曲折跌撞是 ZIGZAG;模糊與清晰之間是 ZIGZAG。 成熟是一種苦樂參半的追索, 想筆直的走向遠方,足跡還是 ZIGZAG, 時間讓我們理解曲折、擁抱 ZIGZAG。 藉由以上理念將四年所學呈現於作品中,並以「樹」為主體,樹木生長時可能會遇到大風大雨、蟲害等等,但這些困境卻使樹木成長更加茁壯,樹枝彎曲的意象就像是我們每個人遇到不同的曲折。我們在彎曲的樹中共生,孕育共同的豐盛,開始亦是結束,結束亦是開始。 海報在設計上利用摺紙的方式做改變,觀者能夠發揮創造力開創更多的摺法,樹枝在各種摺法中都會連成一條線,展開後盛開的花代表著美好的事物,綠色的波紋為一關又一關的阻礙。 專刊內容分為作品與過程頁,版面編排為上下顛倒,換個角度看待事物所發想,因閱讀方向的不同,而呈現不一樣的內容。 邀請卡透過特殊折法,闔上時會呈現出完整的 LOGO,正反兩面分別採用樹枝以及彩色葉片的設計,呼應我們想表達曲折的不同面向。 We all stumble and struggle at times, and that is ZIGZAG. ZIGZAG lies between vagueness and clarity. Becoming mature is a bittersweet journey. Although we intend to go straight ahead, our track is still ZIGZAG. Time helps us understand the value of adversity and embrace ZIGZAG. ZIGZAG represents a sudden change of direction, thus countless possibilities. We try to convey a sense that life has many twists and turns - just like tree branches. It is unpredictable. Humans and trees nourish lavishly in a similar way. The frustrations we encounter may seem off the road, but the ups and downs will lead us closer to our goals. The poster design is inspired by origami, encouraging the viewer to develop new ways of paper-folding. The branches can be arranged in a variety of ways; the blooming flowers represent the blessings in life, whilst the green ripples stand for the consecutive obstacles. Based on the idea that things can be viewed from different angles, the special issue has a double-sided binding(tête-bêche). It consists of 12 projects and their progression; the projects on one side and progression on the other. Meanwhile, the invitation merges with the logo through paper-folding; the two sides are decorated with branches and colorful leaves respectively, to demonstrate the different perspectives of ZIGZAG.