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主標題:未完劇場 副標題:戲終人散後的獨白劇本 基地:台北市萬華區西門町 學生姓名:林育德 指導老師:莊明哲 在縱觀整體劇場的發展歷史脈絡來看的話,在專門撥放電影的電影院出現之前,劇場必須同時具備觀影與欣賞表演的功能,直到電影院的出現,觀影的功能從劇場當中被抽離出來,隨著科技發展與疫情的影響,人們不再前往劇場做現場體驗而是選擇在家中隔著螢幕觀賞,劇場這個空間因為觀眾的不在場而逐漸變成一個不完整的零度空間。 本次的設計我想要探討的是,一個被廢棄的空間是否可以在保留其空間紋理的情況下,由不同的空間機能取代;在城市的觀察中,我對於我們生活當中所存在的展演空間或建築產生出新的想法,我注意到這些具有展演性質的空間本身其實是被某種半永久性的事物所佔據的屬物空間,而當這些佔據空間的事物(展物 / 電影)消失之後,這些空間就像作者的個人感性被從空間當中抽離,形成一個沒有溫度的零度空間,變成一個未完成的空間,直到下一個佔據空間的事物出現;而在這個過渡的時間當中,這些未完的空間價值是否才可以真正的被體現出來,空間也才能夠真正的被人們利用? Looking at the development history of the overall theater, before the movie theaters appeared, the theater must have the functions of watching movies and enjoying performances at the same time. Until the emergence of movie theaters, the movie watching function was separated from the theater. Out, with the development of technology and the impact of the epidemic, people no longer go to the theater for live experience, but choose to watch at home across the screen. The space of the theater gradually becomes an incomplete zero-degree space due to the absence of the audience. Whether an abandoned space can be replaced by different spatial functions while retaining its spatial texture; in the observation of the city, I have new ideas about the performance spaces or buildings that exist in our lives, I noticed These performance-like spaces themselves are actually belonging spaces occupied by some semi-permanent things, and when these space-occupying things (exhibits/movies) disappear, these spaces are like the author’s personal sensibility being removed from the space. It is extracted from the middle to form a zero-degree space without temperature, and becomes an unfinished space until the next thing that occupies the space appears; and in this transitional time, can the value of these unfinished spaces be truly reflected? Can space be truly used by people?