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主標題:異質同生 副標題:空間交換下的建築再生 基地:台北市萬華區 學生姓名:陳昱翔 指導老師:陳為寧 透過生活觀察,我發現人逐漸因應各自的需求,建立自己的領域,沒有了過去的那種熟悉和隨意,這也顯示人類渴望更多空間的孤獨,而產生的空間空缺感。但這些空間的產生,反而讓彼此變得更不可交集。 我利用增加垂直動線,以及違建拆除交換公共空間的方式,在建築的鄰接上整合住戶與社區之間的機能,讓所置入的空間,去填補都市的缺口與建築的空缺,建立互相之間的橋樑。 試圖探索老舊建築如何能在都市高密度發展飽和之下,如同針灸式的局部活化與延續其使用之可能性。 Through life observation, I found that people gradually established their own fields in response to their own needs, without the familiarity and randomness of the past, which also showed the loneliness of human desire for more space, resulting in a sense of space vacancy. But the creation of these spaces makes each other even more inseparable. I use the method of increasing vertical circulation and exchanging public space by demolition and demolition of illegal buildings to integrate the functions between the residents and the community in the adjacency of the buildings, so that the inserted spaces can fill the gaps in the city and the vacancies in the buildings and establish mutual bridge between. Trying to explore how old buildings can be partially activated and continued to be used like acupuncture under the saturation of urban high-density development.