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看不見的城市 – 空間權策


過去近 500 年,澳門處於歷史上中西文明的第一站。而在回歸後的國際博奕資本推動下,數十年間各處新賭場平地而起,城市進入一種瘋狂天際線與博彩消費主義狀態。其天際線代表澳門從殖民城市至回歸前後的後殖民城市,再到全球化一環下的博弈資本城市,天際線與地景的發展,顯示了歷史的不同階段,展現政治、意識形態與經濟交互作用及權力的動態控制結構。 在構建國際博奕城市後的疫情產業重構中,澳門將加快與廣東融合,其地景文化與控制結構將重新轉移。在過去 500 年歷史沉澱的古城,至現在全球第一賭城,以及未來一國兩制在大國競爭下的新論述特區,在過去、現在、未來的時空與空間重疊中,控制結構重新串聯城市歷史記憶,重構再現歷史政治模式,成為未來進出澳門的重要定錨。 In the past 500 years, Macao has been the first stop of Chinese and Western civilization in history. With the promotion of the international game capital after the return, new casinos have sprung up everywhere for decades, and the city has entered a state of crazy skyline and gambling consumerism. Its skyline represents Macao from a colonial city to a post colonial city before and after its return to China, and then to a game capital city under globalization. The development of skyline and landscape shows different stages of history, showing the interaction of politics, ideology and economy and the dynamic control structure of power. In the reconstruction of epidemic industry after building an international game city, Macao will accelerate its integration with Guangdong, and its landscape culture and control structure will be transferred again. In the past 500 years of historical precipitation in the ancient city, the world's No. 1 gambling city, and the future special zone under the new discussion of "one country, two systems" under the competition of big countries, in the space-time and space overlap of the past, the present and the future, the control structure re connects the historical memory of the city, reconstructs and reproduces the historical political model, and becomes an important anchor for entering and leaving Macao in the future.