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L'elisir memoria(記憶解鑰) - antidote for memory

黃麗潔, 陳宣如, 劉書瑋, 陳品蓉, 方怡雯 - Huang,Li-Chieh, Chen,Hsuan-Ju, Liu,Shu-Wei, Chen,Pin-Rong, Fang,Yi,Wen

一個命案造成了一個生命的逝去,十幾個生命隨之扭曲、終結。生命的連鎖是幸福還是束縛?我們將角色植入各個不同性質但同樣強烈的動機,編織出一個圍繞著記憶與生命的故事。 - A murder case caused the loss of a life. And a dozen of lives were twisted and finished. Is the chain of life happiness or bondage? We implant characters with different but equally strong motives, weaving a story around memory and life.