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磁能 - Magneture

鄭雅儀, 劉卉謙, 曹仕旻, 楊竣吉, 吳建和, 郭文逸 - Cheng,Ya-Yi, Liu,Hui-Chien, Cao,Shi-Min, Yang,Jun-Ji, Wu,Jian-Han, Guo,Wun-Yi

玩家化身伊娜與伊碼,藉由磁力的特性來闖關。角色可以切換磁極,彼此之間也需要用合作的方式通過關卡。隨著故事的推移,磁能事件也逐漸明瞭,又會有怎樣的冒險等著他們呢? - Players become E-na and E-ma. You must to use magnet characteristics to pass the level. E-na and E-ma can switch magnetic pole. They need to cooperate with each other to pass the level. As the story goes on, the “Magneture” event becomes clear. What kind of adventure will waiting for them?